News And Updates

Jan 2014

Due to technical issues with the booking system and paypal, we ca not offer the online pay option at this time. We are working on a better long term solution. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Aug 2013

Online Reservations system now live.

Mar 3 2013

French menu’s have been added to the reservation system.

Nov 1 2012

Please note: 2 more rooms were removed from commission for upgrading. This makes it even more important for everyone to try to make reservations. We appreciate your help and understanding in the matter.

Oct 30 2012

Many thanks to the dedicated staff at the Mikvah for literally weathering the storm and coming in despite the winds and rain etc.

May 2012

Hebrew menus have been added to the phone system. We are working on French and Russian.

You can now pay for visits using the online payment link. See Payment section

June 2012

Hebrew voice has been added to the phone reservation system. Please choose Language when you call in. We are working on adding French and Russian.

Mar 2012

New boiler system up and running. Special thanks to the people who made it possible.

Jan 2012

The Automated reservation system can be reached at 718-412-2012. This allows you to reserve a room from up to 4 days ahead and up to 3pm of the day of use.

During the process, you choose the day, length you expect to need to prepare, type of room, and then specific arrival time. You will receive a confirmation number at the end, which you need to bring with you to verify the reservation.

For Kallah appointments, one can choose a specific time and get the newly renovated kallah room. Or you can specify your own time and you will get another newly renovated room if the kallah room has already been reserved.

Please try to make a reservation for Friday nights. This will allow you more privacy as you will avoid having to wait in the waiting room etc.

If something about the reservation system is hard to understand, please use the contact form to let us know or leave a recorded feedback on the reservation system.

Work is progressing on adding a new boiler system. You will see the temporary boiler outside parked on Albany, until the work is finished. We apologize is there is an occasional hiccup from the hot water system during this transition.

Cheshvan 5772/Nov 2011

We Are Proud to Introduce an Automated Phone Appointment System For Our Mikvah

Starting Cheshvan 5772, you will be able to make an appointment at our Mikvah. Call 718-412-2012 from 4 days before and up to 3pm on the day of your immersion to make an automated appointment. An appointment will reserve a room for you at a specific time.

You can still choose to come at anytime to the Mikvah and wait until a room becomes available. We recommend using the appointment system so you won’t spend needless time waiting for a room.

Please be patient as we perfect this new system. Your feedback and suggestions are important to us! You can go to to leave your anonymous feedback or leave a message on the appointment system.

We look forward to providing a relaxing and positive Mikvah experience!